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Bowling Green Ky To Lexington Ky. Travel time from lexington, ky to bowling green, ky. The halfway point is boston, ky.

The distance is the same either way if you're flying a straight line (or driving the same roads back and forth). Don't forget about exploring your own hometown with a staycation. Travel time from lexington, ky to bowling green, ky.

Book Your Next Greyhound Bus From Bowling Green, Kentucky To Lexington, Kentucky.

If you happen to know bowling green. If you want to explore small towns along the way, get a list of cities between bowling green, ky and lexington, ky.looking for alternate routes? Book your next greyhound bus from bowling green, missouri to lexington, kentucky.

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The Distance By Car Is 249 Km.

There are 131.26 miles from lexington to bowling green in southwest direction and 154 miles (247.84 kilometers) by car, following the bluegrass parkway route. Travel time from lexington, ky to bowling green, ky. It's a 02 hours 35 minutes drive by car.

A Man Walks Through The Wrecked Remains Of Houses In A Neighborhood Off Russellville Road After A Tornado Swept Through Friday Night In Bowling Green, Ky., Sunday, December 12, 2021.

How long is the drive from bowling green, ky to lexington, ky? Get driving directions from bowling green to. Or get a full lexington to bowling green (kentucky) flight plan.

Check Road Conditions From Lexington To Bowling Green (Kentucky), Or You Can Get Reverse Directions From Bowling Green (Kentucky) To Lexington.if You're Trying To Avoid Mountains Or Steep Grade Roads, Check The Elevation Profile From Lexington To Bowling Green (Kentucky).Or If You Are Hungry, Look For Places To Eat Between Lexington And Bowling Green.

It's significantly cheaper to drive on this trip, unless you made adjustments to the numbers above to alter the calculation. How far is it from bowling green, oh to lexington, ky? The distance between lexington, ky and bowling green, ky is 154 mi by car.

Compare The Flight Distance To Driving Distance From Bowling Green, Ky To Lexington, Ky.

It's a 04 hours 13 minutes drive by car. You can take a bus from bowling green to lexington via bowling green, louisville, louisville, ky, and lexington in around 4h 39m. Don't forget to factor in the weather.

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